Re: T-Shirt detail

Evan Jeffrey (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 23:01:31 -0500

>On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Logic wrote:

>Every is free to come up with their own T-Shirt design... I'd like to
>suggest the following, though: If you come up with a proposed Tshirt
>design/logo, be sure to contact Rocke/Matt/Me. In the interest of keeping
>things simple, we'll probably just select the best of whatever we get, and
>use it. If it's a toss up, we'll see about voting. I'm not anticipating a
>large number of contributions.

I like the "I cracked DES in my spare time" motto. How about with that on
the back, and a nifty crypto related image on the front? I have a gif that
has a closeup pic of an eye and says "1984 / We're behind schedule /
National Security Agency" It is probably copyright EFF, knowing the owner of
the BBS I dl'ed it from though, so that may not be the greatest idea. On
the other hand, I just looked at the home page with the cool banner. That
would look really cool, too.

>The 48bit RC5 crack started to do a Tshirt deal, but I as far as I know if
>fell though. If you make it too complicated with lots of options, people
>lose focus and interest.

Either black text on white shirt, or white text on black shirt. Both with a
grey scale image.

Evan Jeffrey

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