Re: The fat lady sings!

Andrew Glazebrook (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 11:59:37 +1000

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997 16:34:46 -0400 (EDT), Justin Dolske wrote:

> We'll also probably see about getting together some sort of T-shirt deal
>for people interested in wearing a 100% pure cotton souvineer. More
>details later. If anyone know of a good Tshirt shop that's set up to take
>orders on the web at a reasonable price, drop us a line. Otherwise, feel
>free to raid the DESCHALL pages for graphics and text to stick into your
>own DESCHALL page. :-)

A "I helped break DES in 97" gif would be nice if there is anyone out
there who could make such a thing. Then if anyone decided to run a little
web page on the effort for people in the future to visit, the gif could
link to that page. Perhaps it should be 1997 so it is year 2000 compliant

BTW, I saw a message on the Nando Times Techserver a few months back which
said IBM had developed a form of encryption which could never be broken,
has anyone else seen this around?
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