Re: T-Shirt detail

Garance A Drosehn (
Thu, 19 Jun 97 06:12:51 -0400

> Every is free to come up with their own T-Shirt design... I'd
> like to suggest the following, though: If you come up with a
> proposed T-shirt design/logo, be sure to contact Rocke/Matt/Me.
> In the interest of keeping things simple, we'll probably just
> select the best of whatever we get, and use it. If it's a toss
> up, we'll see about voting. I'm not anticipating a large number
> of contributions.

Perhaps something along the lines of:
"I helped to decode DES in my spare time"
"June 17th, 1997: DES is now a simple challenge"
"7 Billion keys per second? No Problem!"

Perhaps on the back of it have a list of all the second-level
domains that helped, although I guess that would require mighty
small print for a T-Shirt. That would work better on a poster
of some sort.

In any case, congratulations to everyone who contributed (which
includes me, I guess :-). This has been a pretty impressive

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