Re: DESGUI for RC5?

Randy Weems (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 07:29:45 PDT

>I was wondering, is there any possibility of rewriting DESGUI or
>something else to do dial-on-completion for the bovine RC5 effort?
This is
>directed to the DES list because I don't know if there's an RC5 list
and I
>figured whoever wrote DESGUI would be watching this list... Oh well.
>Jason Gmoser

If there's a need for something like DESGui for the Bovine RC5
effort, I'd be willing to donate some of my time (and/or the source
code for DESGui)...if I could get some official endorsement/blessing
up-front. I didn't have that blessing from the DESChall group in the
beginning, and ended up sorta feeling like an outsider. Don't get me
wrong; Rocke, Justin, and Matt never failed to offer assistance,
advice, suggestions, etc. They were very helpful, supportive and
gracious. I tip my hat to them all.

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