RE: Monster machines vs. desktops

Darrell Kindred (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 14:20:41 -0400

Albert Garrido writes:
> I'm back. Somehow my organization decided to shuffle IP
> addresses around and there went the mail. Can someone do
> me a huge favor and point me to or mail me a copy of the
> neat-o discussion that must have ensued when it all
> ended?

> I feel like I missed New Year's Eve.
> I wonder how long the machines would have kept on going
> (like they are now) not knowing that the key was found
> months ago?

I imagine Rocke will have the server instruct clients to
shut down within a few days. Right now he's just filling in
some gaps in the explored keyspace. So if your machines
have nothing better to do, just leave the clients running
for the time being.

- Darrell