distributed.net - RC5 Status [ADMIN]

Adam L. Beberg (beberg@distributed.net)
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 05:01:58 -0500 (CDT)

Greetings to all the new DES people...
And thanks to all the old RC5 people...

I'm gonna hit the current issues in what's happening.

--- New Clients:
Yes, they are coming, but we are working on the side of reliability, speed,
and features over rushing to get them out. For now download the v1 clients
and get cracking. We hope to have the first ports by late in the weekend.
Bovine (the proxies) and myself (the clients) are working as quickly as
possible to get reliable code out to the porting team. The quick solution
to DES caught us in the middle of a development cycle.

--- RC5 Rates:
For the DES folks - yes, RC5 is slower then DES, it's more complex.
Intel and PowerPC chips are faster at it, since they support the hardware
"rotate left" instruction we need to do RC5. This is an oddity of how RC5
works. Intel chips are definately not the fastest out there for general

--- Site Mirrors:
I have several offers for mirrors on T3's for the FTP and WWW sites. Over
the weekend I hope to have several mirrors coordinated. One in europe,
and probably several others. this is about distributed prossing after all

--- Stats:
Statistics are now hourly. The webserver box should have another 32MB of RAM
sometime in the next 24 hours. search.cgi is currently overloading the
server. Another solution may have to happen, probably pages broken down by
100 or so emails at a time if the RAM doesn't help. For now I'm gonna have
to disable search.cgi. The main servers and proxies are not affected by
these problems and are humming along very nicely. Hopefully we can get some
dedicated hardware from one of the industry giants as a tax writeoff in the

--- Email->Hosts Search:
This will not happen. For privacy reasons we will never provide Email->Host
mappings. If you want to know who's on your team, you will have to ask them
let you know (probably on your teams web page).

--- What's next:
This seems to be a hot topic. Read the FAQ. The version 3 clients will allow
us to dynamicly send out new modules for new projects. I'm implementing a
small part of one of my OS protocols to do this. Hopefully by the time we
crack RC5 these new clients should be available and we will be able to "hot
swap" over to the mersenne prime work. From there the possibilities are very
interesting. The goal however is to keep distributed.net together, building
a faster and faster virtual machine working on interesting challenges. We
passed an estimated Tera-operations per second several weeks ago, with the
addition of the DES folks we should hit 5T-ops/sec relatively soon.

--- Main People | More Info:
First: go read the new FAQ - http://www.slacker.com/rc5/rc5faq.html you'll
find our addresses there, and probably answer most of your other questions
as well.

Second: Stop in #rc5 on IRC(EFNet) several of the proxy runners and coders
are usually around. People who can answer your questions.

Please keep in mind that our time is finite. Seek help in the FAQ, the IRC
channel, or the mailing list.

Unfortunately my bioware is giving me problems, so please bear with me as
the desire to lie down is strong. Hopefully the Dr. will get me fixed up

- Adam L. Beberg
distributed.net coordinator