Fri, 20 Jun 1997 08:47:59 -0700

>After all, the result was "the distribution of money".
>This occured when a person was "selected by chance"
>(albeit, in a very complicated fashion having, as I recall,
>something to do with searching a keyspace) "from among
>participants ... whom have given a consideration" which
>was their spare CPU cycles (something of value whose
>value will increase because it will probably be sought
>after more and more in the future).

Your idea of consideration is rather bizarre. If what you say is true,
then they should be rounding up the folks at Publisher's Clearing House for
prosecution. After all, to enter, we need to use time out of our day(brain
cycles, spare or otherwise) to fill out the form and then pay to have the
form delivered to them. Not to mention the cost of the ink used to write on
the form, nor the time and cost to get the form to a mailbox.

You'll have a much better chance at a lawsuit if your look for toxins in
the ink that will be on the forthcoming T-shirts, or fabric that isn't
flame retardant enough, or that the T-shirt has no warning label: "Do not
eat this.". Or is not available in politically correct sizes. Or the
tensile strength of the shirt fibers is too high, therefore note allowing a
robbery victim to break away, as the assailant clings to their shirt. Or if
the shirt gets caught in some machinery and injures the wearer. Or if
improper design and/or colors are used which causes some viewer of the
shirt 'mental distress'.