Erik Kline (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 12:44:25 -0700

> Hmmmm... now who out there would pay serious money for a solution to X? You
> all have to have had a passing thot at least. A drug co? Who? How much is
> identifying the next prime number worth other than fame? I'm up for fortune.
> A lot of my former IBM colleagues (programmer types), retired and not, have
> banded together and "bid" on jobs over the net. When sucessful, the job is
> broken up and distributed amongst them and when completed they split the
> $$$. There must be some big ticket items that 5 or 10K or more of us could
> link up on and really suplement our incomes. Perfectly legal. Any thoughts?
> And yes, providing idle cycles for the projects underway now is great till
> one is found that is potentially profitable for all.
> I'm still crankin out DES for the additional pieces.
> Bob Dillon

I'd be all for banding together for generally noble or cool or
rewarding spare crunch projects. I personally am a sys admin/tools
developer/network architect type who happens to have his own build
lab of machines (which I use to build tools on multiple platforms).
This lab tends to collect idle machines from time to time, like when
a machine is reclaimed from a departing employee but before it's
reallocated. So: I'm looking for a way to easily incorporate the
idle, spare machines into a computational crunch pool. But I also
need to be able to remove any of them at any time. I haven't figured
out the best way to do this yet, but I'd like to have these machines
devoted to "spare cycle, distributed computing" projects. Any
architecture thoughts? Cool projects? I'm currently trying to get
the rc5 bovine/ client up and running...

Erik Kline
ISNTA, Hal Computer Systems