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Who wants to work out the RFC for the Distributed Salary Protocol, whereby, you
get paid in Micropennies based upon each CPU cycled you contribute to a project,
with a summary deposit to a bank account of your choice. I hear Cybercash is
looking for a Killer App, anyone?

1 penny equals a million CPU cycles? And are Sparc cycles worth more or less?

Although, coming back to reality. How do you organize payments to ten thousand
individuals without getting killed on paper, stamps, postage or checks? Unless
we'd like to work on a distributed postal system to figure out what's the
cheapest way to do fifty or a hundred-thousand money transfers without paying
for them?

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Hmmmm... now who out there would pay serious money for a solution to X? You
all have to have had a passing thot at least. A drug co? Who? How much is
identifying the next prime number worth other than fame? I'm up for fortune.