Re: media impact?

Michael K. Sanders (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 15:10:52 -0600

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rtin writes:
>>>>>> "Nelson" == Nelson Minar <> writes:
>Nelson> Where else has the crack been reported? What spin has there
>Nelson> been? The CNN article says "but it took 4 months" as a
>Nelson> subtitle.
>All of the folks that picked up the story from AP got the "but it took
>4 months" spin. This is incredibly stupid, though. Does everyone
>change ATM card, credit card, etc., info in less than four months?
>No! Any of these encrypted with DES are totally vulnerable to attack,
>and we've proven that.

Money Daily[1] has a "Alarming, yes, but not yet time to tear up
your ATM card" spin article.

The Salt Lake Tribune also has an article this morning's edition [2].

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