Cheap Thrill Server...

Karl J. runge (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 15:09:53 -0700


I know this is a bit pathetic, but I am suffering from post-DESCHALL let-down!

I've set up a simple perl script to act as a server to shell out the winning
key block to deschall clients. After a while you get the exciting "Key found"

So now we know what to do with those old deschall clients we have lying around!

To access it point your client at "", e.g.

deschall-client | tee winning.log

Slow cpu users should note that the keyblock is 2^30 keys long.
I won't tell people where in the keyblock the winning key is ;-)

If there are any problems with this service PLEASE e-mail DIRECTLY to me at

rather than this list. I think we all agree this is a little silly...

Then point your CPU cycles at something more substantial, rc5 in my case.