An existing generalized distributed computation utility

Seth D. Schoen (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 23:01:50 -0400

I noticed on the UW Madison DESCHALL page (a good friend of mine was involved
in a DESCHALL effort there separate from the one described on the page) that
they attained much of their high ranking by using a program called "condor",
which distributes computational tasks among a potentially large number of
idle Unix systems. My friend is somewhat familiar with condor and has said
good things about it, and it appears to be freely available and
well-documented. Perhaps condor or extensions to it could be useful to anyone
who is contemplating a general distributed computing architecture, whether
Internet-wide or at a particular organization. Certainly it worked well
for them when used for DESCHALL.

At any rate, the people who developed and who use condor have at least given
these matters some thought and have experience with them. Take a look:

By the way, if anybody listened to the radio show last night, how was it,
and what got discussed? My local affiliate aired something else instead
the whole time. :-(

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