Re: Mailing-List about distributed computing projects?

Erik Kline (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 21:22:38 -0700

Re: Garance A Drosehn <>
> Note that I'm thinking more about a mailing list on:
> How to do any "idle-cpu burning" distributed application
> I think it would be really nice if I could provide some kind of
> general facility which could take advantage of idle cycles to run
> various programs that students here might write for their masters
> project or something. That's exactly why I'm looking for something
> which is not tied to a specific project, because I may end up with
> projects which are all specific to RPI.

I like the idea of this mailing list. It sounds like you've got the
exact idea of what I'm interested in doing as well. Architecture-wise
I do have a few machines on which I could get away with such a
"distributed distributed compute" scheme. That's really what would be
cool. A reniced idle-eater job that requets jobs that are themselves
reniced idle-eaters. Perhaps even some job control. The CONDOR pointer
seemed interesting, but you have to relink your applications (not
really a big deal) In reality, I suppose this isn't any different from
any other distributed resource management scheme. You'd just want a
really light-weight one, with some minimal job control (like the ability
to terminate its children at will), designed with idle-eating in mind.

-Erik Kline