Re: An existing generalized distributed computation utility

Garance A Drosehn (
Sun, 22 Jun 97 01:52:02 -0400

Seth D. Schoen <> writes:
> I noticed on the UW Madison DESCHALL page (a good friend of mine
> was involved in a DESCHALL effort there separate from the one
> described on the page) that they attained much of their high
> ranking by using a program called "condor", which distributes
> computational tasks among a potentially large number of idle Unix
> systems.

There are some people at RPI who were interested in that, but in
my own case it wasn't all that practical (because it doesn't run
on the operating systems I needed it to run on, among other things).

We also have a distributed computing facility called "DQS", but
that wasn't quite geared towards "using idle cycles". It could
be, and we may do that, but it was easier to experiment with some
ideas of my own. (not very monumental ideas, but what I did was
fairly easy to throw together).

I'm sure there are others. It'd be nice to have short overviews
of them available.

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