RE: Big Science Needs Your Idle Cycles

Michael R. McClelland (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 21:26:56 -0500

I got the address from one of your posts in rc5's mailing list, Colin.
That was the first I'd heard of it.
I like the general goal of Big Science. " Big Science is dedicated to
applying this vast computational resource to important scientific
problems." By important I'd guess they're talking about projects that can't
get funding because they are far fetched, like SETI, or not well liked by
Corporate Interests, like Alternative Energy. Crypto keys have lost their
appeal, speaking for myself, of course. I just wanted to post the link and
let others make up their own minds.
They don't have any clients yet so they could probably use some advice
from this successful group of programmers. I don't know any more about the
group than their web site. I sent for more Info and haven't heard from them
The Lightning in a BrainStorm is caused by Eclectricity

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On Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:26:46 -0500, Michael R. McClelland wrote:

>This project is just getting started and already looks First Class!
>They are looking for volunteers and aliens. Check it out at:
>The Lightning in a BrainStorm is caused by Eclectricity

But they don't seem to have a client yet, do they? They didn't when I
checked last week...

Colin L. Hildinger

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