Re: Big Science Needs Your Idle Cycles

Arvin Meyer (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 22:58:01 -0400

I agree,

I know you guys think that NT and MS in general are more smoke than
substance. I happen to think that productivity is enhanced with their
products. But, Java code is ridiculous, I'm no great programmer, but I can
write VB code that runs faster and is more stable than Java. All the Java
hoopla is unfounded ... it's slow, buggy as hell, and conflicts with lots
of existing code. Essentially it really proves the adage "Jack of all
trades, Master of none"

I really don't need that crap on my systems.

Arvin Meyer

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> From: Lindgren Fredrik <>
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> Subject: RE: Big Science Needs Your Idle Cycles
> Date: Sunday, June 22, 1997 9:20 PM
> >This project is just getting started and already looks First Class!
> >They are looking for volunteers and aliens. Check it out at:
> >
> >
> Yes, this project looks very cool indeed.
> However, it looks like the clients will be in Java?!
> I'm more than a little skeptical about that.
> If this is the case, then I'd rather be searching for Primes,
> at least then I know that my computer really is performing
> up to specs. Today, Java do not have a chance in hell of
> achieving C/Asm speeds.
> Java may very well have it's uses, but it's not in a project
> which main goal is to garner as much computing power as
> possible. As it stands today, Java and performance is
> mutually exclusive.
> Anyway, this is _my_ thoughts on the subject... :)
> Regards,
> Fredrik Lindgren
> SolNET DES Team
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