Re: Whoever said VB5 was not cross platform

Ethan M. O'Connor (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 12:26:42 -0400

At 10:37 AM 6/23/97 -0400, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> You forget it uses P-Code.
>in fact, look at this URL.
>They have a VB Virtual Machine that will run VB5 Apps on any platform.

And this from Techweb today:

"...But [J/Direct is] only the beginning of Microsoft's strategy for
dealing with Java. Microsoft is also readying an upgrade to Visual
Basic, code-named Vegas, that will generate native Java bytecode
in the same way developers now use VB to write Windows programs
and ActiveX controls. This strategy, sources add, is Microsoft's
way of keeping developers from moving off Visual Basic and into
the Java camp."

Good or bad? You decide...
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