Re: Whoever said VB5 was not cross platform

Daniel Berlin (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 12:09:41 -0400

>I thought we were talking about Microsoft VB5?
We are.

>> They have a VB Virtual Machine that will run VB5 Apps on any platform.
>> "How portable is Softworks VBVM?
>> Programs written in VB5 can be executed on a wide variety of operating
>> systems and hardware. VBVM has been ported to DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows
>> Windows NT, BSDI, Dec Alpha, FreeBSD, IBM AIX (PS/2, PPC, RT, RS/600),
>> HP/UX, Linux, SCO, and SUN Sparc. We are looking for partners for ports
>> AS/400 and MVS platforms.
>I don't see SGI IRIX in there anywhere?

It is planned as far as I know, and if you read their page they say it's
very portable, and porting it to another Unix type system takes them a
couple hours. Or so they say.
You still have to admit, if ti works on all those platforms, and can do what
they say (IE provide the same speed as VB5), and is pretty well bug free
(since they are doing development for all platforms with a generally common
code base, it should be), it makes JAVA vs VB interesting.