Java and religous wars

Garance A Drosehn (
Mon, 23 Jun 97 14:19:48 -0400

> I know you guys think that NT and MS in general are more smoke
> than substance. I happen to think that productivity is enhanced
> with their products. But, Java code is ridiculous, I'm no great
> programmer, but I can write VB code that runs faster and is more
> stable than Java.

I don't think this list is meant to debate Java vs Visual Basic.
The fact that *you* can write code faster in VB doesn't mean
everyone must use VB.

> All the Java hoopla is unfounded ... it's slow, buggy as hell,
> and conflicts with lots of existing code.

It is getting better, and there are people who like Java. The
hoopla is not completely unfounded, although there's enough hoopla
that it's easy to get lost in it. In particular, it's quite likely
that we'll be seeing native Java compilers very soon (instead of
compiling into byte-codes), at which point Java performance should
be as good as any other compiled language. Now, *that* Java won't
be any good for web applets, but we aren't talking about web applets

In the context of distributed applications, I think there is a lot
for java to offer, particularly in an environment like RPI where
we have a lot of machines on a lot of different platforms. This
is not to say that *I* think *you* must use java, but I'm quite
willing to help anyone who has an interesting project that they
did happen to write in Java.

In any case, it'd be a shame if this list is now going to descend
into wars over languages or other things.

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