Re: Java and religous wars

Arvin Meyer (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 16:48:09 -0400

> This isn't heroic; that's what
> programmers do. Write code, and write it in the best language for the
> job.
> --
> Matt Curtin Chief Scientist Megasoft Online
> I speak only for
> Pull AGIS.NET's plug! DES has fallen!

Now I have to agree with that, I also espouse the same for hardware, "the
best tool for the job".

I also have to agree with your definition of a programmer, and by that
definition I am not a programmer. What I am is a database developer and
systems engineer who programs, and not even in all database languages, just
a few. Those, I hope I do well.

My intention was not to start a language war, merely to point out that Java
in its present implementations is immature and is not (at least at present)
anything I wish to work with. I felt the same way about Windows, NT, and
Internet Explorer. I no longer have those reservations about any of those.

With all that's being done with Java, it is entirely possible that it will
become the lead language. I have been at this long enough to remember when
Wordstar outsold all other word processors combined by a factor of 4. I
remember when WordPerfect deposed it.

A computer's value is in what it can achieve or save, or in what pleasure
it offers to the user. I know folks who enjoy the esoteric, and think
little of the value of anything else.

Enjoy !

Arvin Meyer