Re: "Only" export control

Arvin Meyer (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 08:30:08 -0400

> From: Seth D. Schoen <>
> To:
> Subject: "Only" export control
> Date: Monday, June 23, 1997 11:34 PM
> As far as I can tell from what I've read about this new controversial
> bill, it "only" moves to criminalize _export_ by U.S. citizens, and not
> _use_ by them, of crypto above 56-bit.

And so Seth, if I want to encrypt data, designs, or code from my company to
a colleague in Europe. How do I do that without sending them a copy of the
decryption software?

Or if I am requesting bids from foreign sources, how do they communicate
with me without encryption? We're talking big money here, sometimes in the
10's of millions of dollars.

The fact that US companies are not free to use encryption software puts
them at a distinct disadvantage, and makes them very vulnerable to
industrial espionage. Given that quite a bit of the technology involved has
cross purposes for defense, it actually makes our country more vulnerable
...not less.

Arvin Meyer

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