Re: Request for Comments

Corey Kosak (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:44:07 -0400

Great t-shirt! A few suggestions:

Front side:

1. The blue sky is nice, but I'm worried that such a dense area of art
might hinder the 'breathability' of the T-shirt

2. Along with the "Strong cryptography makes the world a safer place" line
arching over the top, you might add the ENCRYPTED version of the same text
arching under the bottom. There are a couple of issues that need to be
addressed to make this technically accurate (e.g. padding to 64 bits
and deleting the "The hidden message is: " prefix); also at issue is
the representation of the encrypted text: 2-digit hex bytes? Unicode?

Back side:

3. I agree with the previously mentioned suggestion that the columns line
up (also, the digits don't appear to be in a monospaced font---perhaps
they should be). Also, I agree that the host count should be deleted.

4. I think the N x 2^20 number format is misleading to the average person.
I think I'd prefer standard suffixes: 1.25 quadrillion
... 242 trillion


OR, if you prefer that all entries be in the same units, at least
use 10^6 rather than 2^20 (adjusting the numbers appropriately).
Additionally, REAL superscripts should be used rather than the caret

5. Although there's obviously no room for the whole table, we might
want to add a 26th entry that looks like this:

128 18.55 trillion

maybe surrounded by a little box or with other notation indicating that
this was the winning domain.

- Darrell Kindred
- Corey Kosak