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Colin L. Hildinger (
Wed, 25 Jun 97 01:49:28 -0500

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 20:15:01 -0500, wrote:

>> nobody anywhere in the world will
>> have any difficulty obtaining strong cryptography, export and
>> import controls notwithstanding.
>But Freeh and the NSA and other various Clinton arse-kissing shills
>don't realize that. They think somehow that letting terrorists have
>crypto like that would hurt us... hell, the terrorists could just d/l
>PGP 5.0i when it comes out! If I were a terrorist, would I buy GAKked
>US crypto, or just download a free copy of PGP? The keyword here is:

That's kinda the same thing as people who get so upset about guns. Gun
stores aren't selling Uzi's. Making it hard for me to buy a gun
doesn't affect a criminals ability to get one much at all. Again, duh.

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