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C Matthew Curtin (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:47:13 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jester <> writes:

Jeff> We should revel in it! Remember, "hacker" is not a dirty word,
Jeff> referring to ingenious folk who constantly work to learn. They
Jeff> didn't call us "crackers" (which, in a sense, I suppose we are,
Jeff> but not in the real sense of the word), so it was a compliment
Jeff> :)

It is when used correctly, but this was not meant that way. We have
Sameer Parekh to thank for this. His unauthorized press release was
issued before RSA released theirs, which was in coordination with
ours. As a result, a number of places got Sameer's first, and figured
it was authoritative, and used his words and his spin on it. And, of
course, he got himself quoted in some publications.

I don't mind that he released a press release at all; the more
publicity we get, the better.

But the fact that he was in such a hurry to do so, ahead of us and RSA
seems like a pretty good indication that the press release was a
self-serving attempt to gain publicity for his own company. That was
stupid. As a result, now, when answering questions from the media and
such, we have to make clear what it is that we were doing. On our
Talk America interview last Friday, Rocke did a good job of doing that
up front and laying to rest some of the images that had apparently
been conjured.

(I don't see any reason to go on and on about this; I've already
publicly jabbed at him, on cypherpunks and cryptography. As far as
I'm concerned, it was a stupid move, but it's done.)

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