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Stephen Shimatzki (Shimatzki"
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:59:01 -0400

David Terrell wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 1997 at 10:21:18AM -0500, Scott Sesher wrote:
> > We have placed a preliminary design for a DES Challenge T-shirt at the
> > following URL for your viewing pleasure.
> I like it.... especially the cumulative stats on the back... (hrm, is
> that at the top? how did that happen? :)

Hmm... THAT is interesting... I would suggest (out of fairness) that the
LAST day
of logs Stats be used... I beleive that had it in the following order
for the top
3... SUN, PSU, CMU... Not to be snotty, but I worked hard to get PSU
people involved
and I'd like to rub it in the face of those that wouldn't help and

"SEE!!!! WE COULD OF FOUND IT.. BUT NOOOOO You didn't want to
help!!!!" :)

BTW, Where do we place the orders? or WHEN? Come-on... This is
Internet Time...
It should be done by NOW! ;)

Ps... Yes, aligning the columns would look better!

> I can name a lot of people here on campus who would probably buy one.

I know I'll be bying a few for some people in PSU as a "Thank-You" and
so that
they can also rub it in to the SYS ADMINS around here that didn't want
to help!
(actually, we are quite pleased with PSU's showing in the # of computers


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