T-shirt orders...

Will Koffel (wkoffel@mit.edu)
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:08:57 -0400

It seems a little silly to have people place orders over this mailing list.
Especially considering the mass quantities I'm sure will be traded. The
stock exchange doesn't work via e-mail now does it? Neither should we.

Is there someone on the deschall web staff who would be willing to put
together a quick form on the site for ordering. It would be far easier for
the people in charge, and probably for the orderers as well, not to mention
cutting down on boring mail....not that I'm not interested in all the torso
sizes of deschall participants......perhaps we could create stats on keys
checked per unit body mass or something. :) whhheeeee....(screams will
as he jumps _way_ overboard!)

Just a thought. Thanks.

Will Koffel.

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