Re: Infoworld

Arvin Meyer (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:14:31 -0400

> I was more upset by A) the implication that browser software typically
> 56 bit DES for "secure" connections and B) "used Pentium-based
> I don't think those folks at SUN like having their Starfire called
> based" and I wasn't the only person using a 486.
> ===
> Evan Jeffrey

I agree, even though I am an Intel/NT admin, I recognize that the folks at
SUN (Apple,too) put an unusual amount of effort into the project. Opposed
to this was SGI, who worked on it privately ... and Intel which didn't work
on it at all. The fact that Michael broke the key with a pentium has no
bearing on which machines did more work on the project.

Without SUN's participation, the project would have taken much longer. I
think that infoworld doesn't understand that the concept of distributed
computing is not machine/language/OS specific, it is user specific. We all
owe SUN a debt of gratitude for their participation.

Arvin Meyer

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