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David Terrell wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 24, 1997 at 10:21:18AM -0500, Scott Sesher wrote:
>> > We have placed a preliminary design for a DES Challenge
>T-shirt at the
>> > following URL for your viewing pleasure.
>> I like it.... especially the cumulative stats on the back...
>(hrm, is
>> that at the top? how did that happen? :)

>Hmm... THAT is interesting... I would suggest (out of fairness)
>that the LAST day
>of logs Stats be used... I beleive that had it in the following
>order for the top
>3... SUN, PSU, CMU... Not to be snotty, but I worked hard to
>get PSU
>people involved and I'd like to rub it in the face of those
>that wouldn't help and

>"SEE!!!! WE COULD OF FOUND IT.. BUT NOOOOO You didn't want to
>help!!!!" :)

On the other hand, out of fairness, I would like to see the
cumulative stats be used, as this was not a demonstration of
computing speed, but computing POWER. Power is force multiplied
by time. Oregon State was first place for many weeks before
being beaten out, and we had a high over-all rate. We were
there long before many of the others showed up. Just because
you had an incredible amount of power running on your 64-proc
Starfire (no matter how cool it is) makes no difference if you
can only do it for a week.
Not to be snotty, either, but I like a ranking by total number
of keys checked, not by the speed for one particular day.

>BTW, Where do we place the orders? or WHEN? Come-on... This
>Internet Time...
>It should be done by NOW! ;)

When is someone going to put up a quick CGI-scripted site to
take a straw poll and collect some actual orders? I'll do it
myself in a day or two if nobody else does it...
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