Re: Request for Comments

Seth D. Schoen (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 20:40:52 -0400

Jamie Rishaw wrote:

>I think it should be alphabetical. Any domain that did more than,
>say, 10,000,000 * 2^20 keys.. that's 194.. 1,000,000 * 2^20 leaves
>756 domains.. you cant make the print _too_ small.

I like that, especially since my domain, 204.252, was #194. :-)
"Northfield Mount Hermon: the most insignificant significant
contributor." :-)

Nothing is more dangerous for man's private morality than the habit of
commanding.  The best man, the most intelligent, disinterested, generous,
pure, will infallibly and always be spoiled at this trade.
            -- Mikhail A. Bakunin (thanks to Rabbi Albert Axelrad)