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Stephen Shimatzki (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:47:19 -0400

david b terrell wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 25, 1997 at 11:59:01AM -0400, Stephen Shimatzki wrote:
> > Hmm... THAT is interesting... I would suggest (out of fairness) that the
> > LAST day
> > of logs Stats be used...
> Well, first off, you're logic would be fallicious, since #128 found
> it... but, I fail to see how throwing out 4 months of dedicated effort
> most of which only ceased becuase people went home for the summer
> constitutes 'fairness'....


First, I don't want to start up the EDU wars... By all means, I've been
a silent subscriber to the list and I saw plenty of "Yeah! Were in
First!"... As
you may remember, I (and PSU) did none of this... That was done on the
web page
with proper credit where deserved... so I didn't mean this to sound like

Second, I don't think Fair is a right word either, as the world is not
a fair place... (*and 127 top contributors found that out when the key
was found!*)

I did go back and look again, and see that I was sorta wrong in my
Yes... The last day should be used (out of fairness? :) but also, I
noticed it
is on the shirt, just that it was the TOTAL contributions via level II
(*Sorry... I was looking at the LAST DAY... Makes more sense now!)

Either way, PSU was in good standings, and my (our) campus here held #8
the entire effort... Not bad for a campus of 800 or so students with
70 machines contributed! :) We are still excited about the overall
of the whole Deschall Project in general... Distributed Power to the

BTW, I still want to rub it in to those that wouldn't help in the PSU
in general... But thats just internal squables... :)


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