Re: Request for Comments and anonymous participation

MoonDogg (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:51:19 -0700

Stuart Stock wrote:

> Ahh! Gimme a shirt, I'm on the back (anonymous2.anonymous)! Makes
> me
> wish that I would have used our domain name.
> <SNIP>

> PS - Can I PLEASE get anonymous2.anonymous changed to!
> Any
> possibility?
> stuart

I have the same request. Now that the contest is over, and in the event
that an effort is made to include as many domains as possible on the
shirt, I would like to change my 'anonymous3.anonymous' to
(Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.). I was 190th overall, and
would like it recorded on a shirt I can keep as an official record of my

Here are some of my opinions of the shirt design.

1. Tone down the color
2. Include as many domains as possible in column format, disregarding
individual stats.
3. An idea: Take all the domain names. Pile them into a 'haystack' that
is scaled to the proportions specified on the web site. The names would
be all jumbled up, overlapping each other, upside down, etc. There could
be a little guy standing next to it yelling 'I found it!'. He would be
in true scale. Highlight the winning domain somehow within the stack. I
am sure someone could create this graphic fairly easily, however, the
detail required might be too much for silk-screening.