Re: Arms traffik

Arvin Meyer (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 08:13:05 -0400

We're still here ... but nothin' much is going on. Let's stay in touch.

There is a new RC5 project competing with Bovine in Finland.

I haven't decided IF or WHICH I'll join yet. Seems like a lot of bikering
and mistrust at Bovine ...not at all like the comraderie here at Deschall.

Arvin Meyer

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> From: Michael R. McClelland <>
> To:; Will Koffel <>
> Subject: Re: Arms traffik
> Date: Monday, June 30, 1997 7:35 PM
> I thought the list had shut down. I think everyone is on vacation. Two
> other lists I'm on went dead and I thought my ISP was screwed up again.
> This group is about finished unless you want a T-shirt. RC5 and beyond.
> Sincerely, Mike McClelland