Re: Arms traffik

Dakidd (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 19:30:33 -0400 wrote:

>Arvin Meyer wrote:
>> We're still here ... but nothin' much is going on. Let's stay in
>> touch.
>> There is a new RC5 project competing with Bovine in Finland.
>> I haven't decided IF or WHICH I'll join yet. Seems like a lot of
>> bikering
>> and mistrust at Bovine ...not at all like the comraderie here at
>> Deschall.
>I started a Platform War on RC5 list that got me a killfile from one
>person :-).

Oh boy. What an excellent example of a constructive thing to do. I bet your
mom is proud of you, huh?

Heck, I'M proud of you! I think I'll nominate you for some sort of medal.

Bozo of the Week sounds like a good starting place.

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