Re: Arms traffik

Seth D. Schoen (
Wed, 2 Jul 1997 00:04:51 -0400

Arvin Meyer writes of

> bickering and mistrust at Bovine ... not at all like the comraderie
> here at Deschall.

I agree. Although I'm an enthusiastic and continuing supporter of
Bovine RC5, promote it in my web page, and discuss it with others, I am
surprised at the relative disorganization. They have not kept open
source code (or not exactly -- the subject of a long technical
discussion as well as some misinformation), which had originally seemed
like one of the major differences.

Bovine RC5 is a good thing, and the existence of
wonderful, but I would certainly more readily have joined an RC5
cracking effort (or any distributed computing effort) co-ordinated by
Rocke. I almost wish that you had gone ahead and started a successor
to DESCHALL, Rocke, although I know you have other things to do.

It's strange to see the Bovine mailing list with

- longtime Bovine veterans
- DESCHALL veterans
- SolNet veterans
- entirely new users
- people who wish they were a part of the development effort

all of whom have (understandably) extremely different perspectives on
the project, and even, perhaps, somewhat different loyalties.

It unfortunately does, to date, lack the same cohesion and sense of
unity which DESCHALL enjoyed and which I miss. But Bovine RC5 is also
a very noble effort.

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            -- Mikhail A. Bakunin (thanks to Rabbi Albert Axelrad)