Re: Arms traffik

Karl J. Runge (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 22:16:02 -0700

I just wish DESCHALL had to go to 50% of the keyspace instead of 25% !!!
(and still have DESCHALL win!)

Hats off to Rocke for a great project! I really admired his KISS
(Keep It Simple, Stupid!) philosophy that paid off so well, and made
things so enjoyable and error free.

I don't know if many on this list knew that Rocke managed the whole
key service thru a 28.8 ppp connection, but he did. And for the bulk
of the contest did it on with 486, and only at the end upgraded to
a pentium. These facts still amaze me! In a certain sense, 2^56 keys is



On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, "Seth D. Schoen" <> wrote:
> Arvin Meyer writes of
> > bickering and mistrust at Bovine ... not at all like the comraderie
> > here at Deschall.
> I agree. Although I'm an enthusiastic and continuing supporter of
> Bovine RC5, promote it in my web page, and discuss it with others, I am
> surprised at the relative disorganization. They have not kept open
> source code (or not exactly -- the subject of a long technical
> discussion as well as some misinformation), which had originally seemed
> like one of the major differences.
> Bovine RC5 is a good thing, and the existence of
> wonderful, but I would certainly more readily have joined an RC5
> cracking effort (or any distributed computing effort) co-ordinated by
> Rocke. I almost wish that you had gone ahead and started a successor
> to DESCHALL, Rocke, although I know you have other things to do.
> It's strange to see the Bovine mailing list with
> - longtime Bovine veterans
> - DESCHALL veterans
> - SolNet veterans
> - entirely new users
> - people who wish they were a part of the development effort
> all of whom have (understandably) extremely different perspectives on
> the project, and even, perhaps, somewhat different loyalties.
> It unfortunately does, to date, lack the same cohesion and sense of
> unity which DESCHALL enjoyed and which I miss. But Bovine RC5 is also
> a very noble effort.