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Wed, 2 Jul 1997 06:07:07 -0400 (EDT)

> I just wish DESCHALL had to go to 50% of the keyspace instead of 25% !!!
> (and still have DESCHALL win!)

IMHO, 25% is a nicer number to be tossed around in the media..
Crypto-Clueless people (read: most everyone) won't know the Monty Hall
Problem (tm) of searching a large keyspace and will make assumptions just
like many of the people on the DESCHALL list did about "how to search the
keyspace" and think that Rocke et al. found the One True Way to find keys
in a hurry (which isn't entirely wrong.. throw an insane amount of hardware
at the problem.. but i digress..)

> Hats off to Rocke for a great project! I really admired his KISS
> (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) philosophy that paid off so well, and made
> things so enjoyable and error free.

Its funny.. I didn't quite appreciate just how much effort Rocke put into
making it enjoyable and error free until i started working on Bovine.. I'd
been on the DES Violation team for its short lifespan and chalked up all
it's problems to mismanagement and DESCHALL just seemed like the Right Way.

Bovine has the same problems as DES Violation had, only theres no
competition to run them out of business..

> On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, "Seth D. Schoen" <> wrote:
> > I agree. Although I'm an enthusiastic and continuing supporter of
> > Bovine RC5, promote it in my web page, and discuss it with others, I am
> > surprised at the relative disorganization. They have not kept open
> > source code (or not exactly -- the subject of a long technical
> > discussion as well as some misinformation), which had originally seemed
> > like one of the major differences.
> >
> > It's strange to see the Bovine mailing list with
> >
> > - longtime Bovine veterans
> > - DESCHALL veterans
> > - SolNet veterans
> > - entirely new users
> > - people who wish they were a part of the development effort
> >
> > all of whom have (understandably) extremely different perspectives on
> > > the project, and even, perhaps, somewhat different loyalties.
> >
> > It unfortunately does, to date, lack the same cohesion and sense of
> > unity which DESCHALL enjoyed and which I miss. But Bovine RC5 is also
> > a very noble effort.

Its a noble effort, i won't argue that, but i will whine a little and point
out my problems with Bovine on the off chance that the coordinators solve
the "problem" down the road....

The Mailing List:
The mailing list is an accurate picture of the team as a whole,
IMHO, and DESCHALL was a single minded force, while Bovine is a
fractured group of political infighting and babble. DESCHALL
e-mail was a status update on The Cause (tm) when it came into my
mailbox.... Bovine e-mail is like reading UseNet with all it's
various me-toos, flames, bickering, personal differences, and
hidden agendas.

I dropped the list before the v2 clients came out.

The Clients:
The selection of clients shows (to me, anyway) an incredible bias
toward platform selection. If you dont have a system that you ran
out and bought at ComputerLand, dont bother showing up. Intel is
everywhere. PPC's get a token mention if you run MkLinux, and
Solaris 5.x (presumably because they're the unix workstation for
cheap in the business world). There are no SparcLinux,
AlphaLinux, SunOS 4.1.x, NeXT, Mac68k, HP, AIX (although this runs
on PPC hardware), IRIX, DECUnix, etc... etc... clients in the new
V2 selection.. To my untrained eye, this means that Bovine
wasn't able to come up with sufficently talented developers to
optimize the clients for any particular platform, and it gives the
appearance of not caring what you're running the client on as long
as it's Intel. ("any color you want, as long as it's black"). They
disdain the use of V1 clients for efficency reasons and the fear of
Trojan Horses and Rogue clients using the v1 protocol to screw the
effort up, but they dont go out of their way to REPLACE the
entirity of the V1 client set with the new clients. Obvious where
their loyalties are.

So my piddling amount of CPU in mostly non-intel flavor is sitting around
idle.. the Feeling is gone. thanks. DESCHALL made a difference and gave
at least me the hope for a greater future of distributed computing and
cameraderie. Bovine crushes all that under the immense weight of babble,
bickering, and poor support for the people who donate cpu time.

I've said my peace.... Dont reply unless you absolutely have to, theres
no real reason to start a big thread over it..

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