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Wed, 2 Jul 1997 11:19:55 PST

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> I don't know if many on this list knew that Rocke managed the whole
> key service thru a 28.8 ppp connection, but he did. And for the bulk
> of the contest did it on with 486, and only at the end upgraded to
> a pentium. These facts still amaze me! In a certain sense, 2^56 keys is
> "trivial".

I think part of that is due to the effecient UDP protocol Rocke devised.
For this application UDP rocks (no pun intended) compared to TCP. It also
requires a lot less work on the part of the server and TCP/IP stack,
as well as less traffic. Let's see, send a single packet to the server when
completing a block or starting a new run, and receive a single packet
response from the server. Very effecient and well thought out. I'm now
on Bovine, but they don't have a working proxy, nor even a SunOS proxy (which
would be perfect, since only a few SunOS machines here have socks access
through our firewall).


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