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Greg Trotter (
Wed, 2 Jul 1997 17:14:40 -0500

At 3:38 PM -0500 7/2/97, Thompson, Christopher wrote:
>Something's been bothering me for a few days.
>If we hadn't have known _anything_ about the plain text of the
>DES-encrypted message, we wouldn't have been able to decrypt it, even
>using brute force. Is this correct?

Right. As others have pointed out, however, someone trying to crack
encrypted data will probably have some idea as to what's inside.

Now... data that is multiply encrypted offers a great deal more protection,
I imagine... once you find the correct key for the outermost later of
encryption, the data you have is still encrypted. I don't profess to know a
lot about encryption, but I would imagine that the encrypted data
underneath might not be detectable as the proper data.

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