Re: Of T-shirts, Web Sites, and production...

Garance A Drosehn (
Mon, 7 Jul 97 22:44:20 -0400

> We have seen a promising design which many people have commented
> on, but I don't presume that the person who did the design was
> necessarily committing to producing and distributing that t-shirt.
> Has anyone actually decided to undertake the task?

I haven't seen anyone say "I am doing it, get your orders in".

> I was somewhat surprised to see Adam's announcement that only 50
> people have expressed an interest on the web site he set up, when
> apparently thousands participated in the effort. Am I mistaken
> in thinking there were that many involved?

There are plenty involved, but many of them may be out-of-touch
right now (now that the spring semester is over). Also, it would
not surprise me if there are people on this list who would order
shirts, but haven't signed up on Adam's web page. (initially I
didn't either, because I was expecting a more-detailed web page).

I would think that just at RPI we could find buyers for at least
10 T-shirts, and probably more like 20. So, I'm hoping someone is
working on the task.

Maybe it'd be easier to do if we also distribute some of the
logistics of this project. I could buy all the T-shirts for RPI
people, for instance, so the main-organizer would only have to send
out one package instead of 20. Would that help?

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