andrew meggs (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 00:23:15 -0400

For some of DESCHALL's MacOS users who might not have gone over to the RC5
effort because of the relative ugliness of the Mac RC5 client, hesitate no
more. They now have a new Mac client based on none other than the DESCHALL
client that we all came to know and hate, plus some features like graphing
and 68k support that would have been in the next DESCHALL update if we
hadn't won so soon, plus the great stuff in the v2 RC5 clients like the
ability to suspend a block in progress and prefetch a large number of
blocks from the server.

So if you're got what it takes to do another round of code cracking, hop
over to <> and choose your
weapon, then spread the word wherever you can. I know this version is
rather late in coming, but I was desperately in need of some time away from

p.s. -- I've heard stories that this new PowerMac client was much faster
than their old one and that it ate UltraSparcs for breakfast and Alphas
for lunch. But that's probably just a rumor. :)

Andrew Meggs, content provider Antennahead Industries, Inc.
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