Icepick (icepick@pclink.com)
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 08:55:48 -0500

Okay, since everyone else is sitting on their asses, and I want
a shirt, I've decided to have some backbone and take the initive.

I sent the following message to Jim at http://www.pe.net/~spcltees/

>A group (50-200) of us are looking to get shirts to celebrate our
>recent breaking of the RSA Cryptographic Contest.
>As you can imagine, they're is lots of talk, and lots of intrest,
>but no one seems to want to do the work of making up a design and/
>or contacting someone to make up the shirts.
>Some one, I don't know who, made these mock-ups, which I've attached.
>There are two files, frontandback.jpg, which contains the orginal
>design, and newfront.jpg, which contains and improved front design.
>What I'd like, so that I can have it for my own information, and
>to forward it onto the other people intrested is three fold:
>1. Are these images (assuming we get the orginal design files) suitable
>for imprinting?
>2. Can you take individual orders/payment and ship identical shirts
>to multiple individuals?
>3. What kinda time/costs are we looking at?

I've also contacted the author of the orginal design that is
posted at:


I prefer the new design for the front, and would like to revamp
the back. After all of the bickering about how many domains (if
any) or what the format should be, I thought that something like:

[heading design}

79 45 81 c0 a0 6e 40 a2 0b e3 33 c6 5c 93 b7 22
aa c2 61 27 ff 72 ac c6 03 68 60 2b 43 99 3c 31 (the encrypted text)
9f 36 e6 ae 82 0c 5d 3f a2 3b b4 91 e5 ef ee a3
b9 92 78 d4 af 0f 66 aa f5 17 e8 64 08 88 82 8d
67 ba fe bf 78 95 60 95 31 6a e2 98 78 1c 6a f7

0x8558891AB0C851B6 (the key)

The secret message is: Strong cryptography makes the world a safer place.
(the unencrypted text)

Would be better. Any Photoshop or arttisic types out there?
Whip up a design and send it in.

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