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Arvin Meyer (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 17:17:14 -0400

I contacted my cousin in the advertising specialty (read T-Shirt) business,
who gave me a price for a Hanes 50/50 shirt, 4 color imprint on the front,
1 color on back, sizes S-XL $14.50 delivered, add $2 for 2XL and $3 for
3XL. Black or other dark colors with white lettering same prices but only
1 color, add .50 cents for each additional color (probably an extra dollar
total since you'd only print 3 colors)

The second design (just the pocket area on the front, 4 color, full imprint
on back 1 color) would be $1.50 cheaper.

That is $2 less than the previous quote, made possible because he normally
only handles larger jobs. (They can print up to 5000 shirts a day).

He needs firm artwork, and no order will be shipped without a check in
advance (no CODs)

If you all are interested, let me know via this list. I won't add anything
for my effort. The only thing I will do is set up the orders and labels. It
will take about 3 weeks from start to finish. If you could order as many as
possible by domain, that would help too. I've wanted a T-Shirt since I
started cracking code over 2 months ago. Let's do it!

Arvin Meyer
> From: Icepick <>
> To:
> Subject: More t-shirt info...
> Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 2:31 PM
> Okay gang, here's the reply I got from the t-shirt place.
> Now all we need is artwork. I'm a geek, not an artist.
> >Thank you for contacting us.
> >
> >The images should imprint great. Hopefully, you can find the
> >original files; however, I think we could recreate a suitable
> >facsimile.
> >
> >We can take individual orders and ship directly.
> >
> >We would charge $16.50 per t-shirt (S-XL) delivered. Our regular
> >price for a full imprint front/back is $18.00 but since there are so
> >many of you, we will offer a reduced price. We generally ship the
> >day following receipt of payment (check). Add $2.00 for XXL and
> >$3.00 for XXXL.
> >
> >One option to consider is, we could put a small version of the
> >front image on the shirt front where a pocket would be and the full
> >imprint on the back for $15.00 each delivered.
> >
> >Look forward to hearing from you.
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