Re: Vote For T-shirt design...

Joe Robins (
Tue, 8 Jul 97 17:13:29 -0700

On 7/8/97 4:30 PM, Icepick wrote:

>At 06:20 PM 7/8/97 -0500, Michael R. McClelland wrote:
>>Let's just force a vote. Winning design gets sent to T-shirt place(stamped
>>"Official") along with list of email addresses to spam. Anyone who wants
>>one buys it from the T-shirt place. Anyone who wants their own favorite
>Okay great.
>Now where's the designs to vote on?

Ahh... That's the problem. Some of them haven't been made, yet. In
fact, as far as I've seen, only one design has been made, though another
idea has been suggested and liked by several people (including myself).

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