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>Now that we know where we can get the t-shirts made and about
>what it
>will cost, it seems to me that it would be appropriate for
>there to be
>some consensus on what the design should be.

Forget it. We can't decide what order to put the names in.

>I think lots of people liked the original design, although
>there were
>suggestions for minor changes, e.g., lining up the columns on
>the back
>and including the winning site.

Who cares. Someone should make the shirt.

>I have seen little, if any, commentary on the alternative front
>Running off and getting a t-shirt made that people haven't
>approval of is probably not a good idea.

It isn't a good idea, but at this point, it is all we have. I
have a list of at least 90 people interested in shirts, many of
which are interested in more then one. If someone will come up
with a design, or has enough spine to tell everyone else that
their design is the one that is going to be done, we've got
ourselves a T-shirt. If we keep trying to make this a
consensus, we're all going to be wearing RC5 victory shirts when
we do.

One of the reasons we won is that Rocke started
early--and he
didn't keep asking people how they wanted their clients to look
or how to do things. We need someone who knows shirts to design
one. We need someone who produces shirts and sells them to sell
the design. I have done all that I can--I collected enough data
to prove that there are interested people. Let's get this done.

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