tired of reading about T shirts)

Michael R. McClelland (mike-mcclelland@usa.net)
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 20:28:56 -0500

> It's my hope that by keeping the list in operation, we'll be able to
> talk about some things related to deschall, both in distributed
> computing, and in cryptography.
.............where everyone
> posted their suggestions.
> http://www.research.megasoft.com/deschall/t-shirt.html
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I know you are very busy but as the owner/moderator of this list you are
really the only one with authority so what I'm trying to say is, it's your
Bull. This T-shirt thread is all there is... uhh, oh wait a minute. I hate
it when I keep perpetuating threads I'd like to see gone.

Practical Crypto Question
I recently started using PGP 5.0 (my first experience with such things)
and I've had some trouble finding public keys for certain people who sign
their email. The program help files say to search by email address or user
name, which I've tried to no avail. Is there some other way people list
their keys? Do some people not list their public keys? Is there a keyserver
other than PGP's which is more widely used? PGP mentions other keyservers
but doesn't name any: suggestions? It seems that a "Public" public
keyserver would make more sense. What happens if I wanted to send someone
an encrypted message with their public key but they are using some "Brand
X" encryption? Do I have to get more software?
As I stated, I'm new at this but not too shy to ask. Please answer these
dumb questions and if you do a really good job of it, I'll reward you with
a list of stupid questions to clarify your dumb answers. :)
Thanks, and please give me some suggestions for links on my lame
distributed computing page:
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