My shirt thoughts

Barry Nathan (
Wed, 9 Jul 97 22:22:27 -0700

I like Andrew Meggs' design the best, so far. Of course, it's a bit...
shall we say, controversial, but it's something I'd wear to school.

I do have some suggestions, though (that might make it even more
controversial :) : Replace Reno with Al Gore. Replace Gingrich with Louis
Freeh. And, of course, change the nicknames as necessary. How about Louis
"Violator" Freeh (hopefully that one's obvious) and Al "CAPS" Gore?

In case you don't know, CAPS is short for "computer-aided passenger
screening". Here's a web page with more info:
<>. Yeah, I guess this is
getting a little off topic, but so was "Flaming Davidian" Reno.

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