PGP Public Key questions. Was: Re: tired of reading about T shirts)

Skip Huffman (SHuffman@Atl.Carreker.Com)
Thu, 10 Jul 97 08:45:54 -0400


The best place that I have found to get public keys is from the key holder him or her self. That way you know that it is their key. Effectively the highest level of trust.

Most people I know that sign their messages have an automatic process to send their key. A filter on their incoming email will reply to messages with certain Subject: lines by sending the key. For an example see my SIG. Go ahead and use it and you will get my public key so that you can check the signature on this message.

If they do not have a process to distribute their key, you can usually send an email asking for it. Most people will be happy to respond to such requests.

On your other question, as far as I know encryption systems are exclusive, you have to be using the same one as your correspondent. So far this has not been a problem for me as everyone I know that uses encryption uses PGP. It is the de facto standard.

Good luck,

Skip Huffman
For PGP public key send email with subject:

Please Send PGP Public Key
Version: 2.6.2