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Noah Romer (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 21:42:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Michael R. McClelland wrote:

> name, which I've tried to no avail. Is there some other way people list
> their keys? Do some people not list their public keys? Is there a keyserver
> other than PGP's which is more widely used? PGP mentions other keyservers
> but doesn't name any: suggestions? It seems that a "Public" public

Since no one else has mentioned it, at least on the list, I will. You can
often get the persons public key by fingering them. ie. type "finger", and my pgp public key (amoung other things) will be
sent back to you. This assumes that you're at a command prompt on a system
that has finger installed; most unix systems do (especially those of your
ISP/university), if you're on your own system at home you'll need to get a
copy for the appropriate OS (most "PC" OS's have both command line and gui
versions in existence). One other related thing, some systems (such as deny finger services to any machine not running identd, if you
plan on using finger, you'll want to make sure identd is on the system you
use. One other post mentioned a couple of other way's that public keys can
be gotten, as is usual w/ the Internet, there's almost always more than
one way to do things.

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