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>>??? I'm sorry but isn't Adam doing exactly as you suggested?
>Vote and be
>>happy! (-:><:-)

>I thought the idea was to come up with a t-shirt design that
>people would
>be happy with and would be willing to buy and wear.

My goal is to come up with a t-shirt design that will sell and
produce it before everyone forgets what we did.

As of now, we have 116 votes. I have not checked for total
quantity or calculated which shirt is in the lead.

>Now some people are saying "Let's just choose *something* and
>get this over
>with." I'm sorry, but I don't think that is what I suggested.
>And I think
>that if that is what's done there will be a lot of people
>deciding they can
>do without a t-shirt. What's the point of just getting it over
>with if
>most people are left unhappy? I didn't see any reason for Adam
>to respond
>to Andrew in a flippant manner and I don't think it would have
>anything to shift the deadline a couple of days.

o. I believe that we should hurry up and choose *something*.
I believe this very much. Face it--not everyone is going to be
happy. If you really want to be happy, spend $85 for a
single-run, custom shirt. On the other hand, we can try to find
interest in 200 shirts of a single design. That makes those 200
people happy. The rest can decide to go without a shirt.

o. My flippiancy is my business, and is (for you) much
preferable to my flaming. I did not like Andrew's tone, and I
responded in kind. End of matter. As I have said, I am
spending my own time on this. Go ahead and do your own thing if
you wish. Go ahead and ignore me if you wish. But don't
complain about the way I do a job that nobody else was willing
to do. I gave many people many chances to organize this in any
way the wished, and nobody did. Now it is my turn.

o. Deadlines are deadlines. His design was posted to the page
three hours after the rest of them. The vote will be run for
more then 150 hours. I feel that it is not worth changing the

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