Re: interesting...

David McNett (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 14:23:57 -0500 (Rheumatobates Hirticulidiablo) said:
> No, the trick here is that a 4mm DAT tape written on one drive is
>unreadable on a different drive, making the process of backing up your
data an
>encryption process.
> (Seriously: 4mm DATs have abominable head alignment problems. I have a
>couple of tapes that are the only instantiation of data, but the drive they
>were written with is on the fritz. I'm screwed).

I would be more inclined to believe that this is a result of having used
hardware compression, rather than a head alignment issue. Hardware
can vary dependant on the firmware of the drive and can cause exactly this
sort of problem. If the data is valuable (heh), I've had success in the
past by swapping the proms from a dead unit to a new unit and getting a
restore done that way. It's also made me VERY aware of the compression
setting I use in my backup software now. :)